Which bag should i get?

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  1. My parents claimed that they were going to let me buy a tokidoki bag that i can use for school....even though school already ended. Anyways i am going into my freshman year, but i am only 4 feet 10 inches tall. :tdown:
    What bag should i get? I am thinking a buon viaggio, but i don't know if the size will be the greatest... or maybe the scuola... i am not sure....:confused1:
  2. i'd go with campeggio, you can leave ur textbooks in there, its very useful for school purpose.
  3. I'd also go with campeggio.... Maybe a ciao ciao or a scuola though
  4. campeggio sounds perfect for school. :tup:
  5. i would think a campeggio is a good size for school..
  6. depending on what u carry n how much....it can range from:
    *buon viaggio (good for binders, books, small laptop, and good tote bag overall)
    *campeggio (probably best for a college student, holds binders, notebooks, textbooks, laptop. good messenger bag style)
    *cucciolo (if u have a big load, or a large laptop like i do, the front pockets n side mesh pockets are way useful!)
    *zucca (if u only carry a few notebooks, thin binder, or small text books...u can be stylish, but still functional for school. i normally don't carry much to school so zucca is perfect. but i have to lug a laptop around now so cucciolo is my daily bag.)
    *scuola (its obvious. its a backpack for school. but not quite sure how big this is since i don't have one myself)
  7. I use my BV and it will hold my laptop and that's about it. I wear it like a backpack when I'm riding my bike..but this only works if nothing big is in it...lol :tup: I should be getting my scuola this week and I can let you know how much it hold is no one else gets to it before me!
  8. maan nice parents! if my parents knew how much my tokis cost, they'd be way less than thrilled. :]

    i would say BV or campeggio?
  9. i am a college student and i LOVE my campeggio's i just got them within a month :heart: it allows me to carry my binders, water bottles, pencil case and makeup bag. then my moleskines in the front pocket and girly items in the bigger inside zipper section.
  10. yah I'd vote for a campeggio too :smile:
  11. I'm in High School and I use a BV. It fits just enough, and I carry a pretty thick binder, two folders, pencil case, graphing calculator, wallet, mp3 player, keys, aaand....other misc. junk. XD But it's a nice size, and it's small enough to put in your lap during class without getting in the way.
  12. I'd totally use the camp. for school, even though I have a hard time not seeing it as a diaper bag lol or speaking of diaper bags the cucciolo (sp?) would work well too.