Which bag should I get?

  1. Ok ladies I need your help I am going to Saks today to get a pair of Chanel sunnies and a new bag, the problem is my spending limit for the bag is $1300.00. Does any one have any ideas for me? :heart: Thanks
  2. Denim coco cabas~ I love cabas!!!
  3. That is exactly what I was thinking.
  4. classic clutch =)
  5. I second the classic clutch...just can't go wrong with it.
  6. Classic caviar clutch... I personally love black (can't go wrong), red (soo hot), or white (very summery and pretty)! You might even be able to get a wallet, or a credit card holder to go in the clutch if you want. :smile: Have fun shopping!! :smile:

  7. Clutch
  8. me want a classic clutch siiighhh
  9. How much is a the Paris ligne. That is canvas coated/treated and might be less than a leather bag.

    Have fun shopping!