WHICH BAG SHOULD I GET....you decide for me

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  1. I am completely torn between returning my Lrg Bronze Bowler Bag and replace it w/ a lrg. Stam in Bronze. I love the rich Bronze color but honestly don't know which one to get so all your votes count.
  2. Stam !! :love: ..I don't like the large Bowler ...I like (and have) the small bowler :smile:
  3. Bowler.......
  4. do you have pics? It's easier to see them side by side for me!
  5. Bowler..
  6. I saw them both and liked both, I think it is a matter of which style do you prefer. Me personally - would choose the Stam.
  7. I would choose the Stam.
  8. Stam. I don't really like the bowler, but that's just me.
  9. I would choose the Stam....I think it's more unique looking. But then again, I am biased.
  10. ITA. Stam is a lot heavier than Bowler though. If weigh is not an issue, go for Stam! =)

  11. The Bowler.
  12. i like the stam bc i don't like the large bowler; the large bowler is kind of unwieldy imo. but then the stam is heavy so if the weight isn't a problem, go with the stam!
  13. i vote stam, not a bowler fan
  14. Stam! It can be dressed up or down!
  15. Bowler!! its gorgeous!
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