Which bag should I get, Willshire MM in Vernis or NF MM in Ebene?

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  1. Hi, I would like to get a bag for travel but I could not decide between the Willshire MM in Vernis (will decide the colour later) or NF MM in Ebene.

    I've always wanted a bag in Vernis so I thought since I am getting a bag for travelling, I might as well get it in Vernis and that's where I thought of Willshire MM.
    1. It is big enough to be use as a travel bag (I have 2 toddlers travelling with me).
    2. It is a shoulder bag.

    3. Not sure if the bag will still be in excellent condition after the trip since I prefer to enjoy my holiday without having to baby the bag. We will be going away for a mth travelling to multiple countries with different weathers ranging from hot and humid to snowing winter. So it will be sitting on dirty tray while going through multiple x-rays, sitting on the floor under the seat during flights, going theme parks (wet and dry), etc.

    NF MM in Ebene
    1. It is a shoulder bag
    2. Big enough as a travel bag
    3. Minimal maintenance required

    1. Too common
    2. I already have 2 dark colour bags - Speedy in Ebene and Speedy Idylle in Fusain.
    3. Peeling problem.

    TPFers, please help me in deciding which bag to go for, thanks a lot.
  2. With the issues of color transfer and possible chipping of the leather I wouldn't get a Vernis bag for travel. I don't really think Vernis is good for all the activities you mentioned above.

    I'd get the Ebene NF and with the money you saved get a bandeau or Vernis key pouch to make your bag look less like everyone else's NF (solves the "too common problem"). If the peeling happens LV should replace the bag or repair it. Not everyone has had the peeling problem.
  3. I actually do agree with you, thks heaps :smile:
  4. Get a coated canvas bag for travel AND satisfy your Vernis desires by getting a wallet!
  5. While I agree with the above responses, I personally would get vernis. You can not only use it for this trip but forever after! As long as you don't get a light color, like Givre for example, then should be fine. You'll take care of either purse b/ it's an LV so why not get what you love:hbeat::hbeat::hbeat::hbeat::greengrin::hbeat:
  6. vernis is more durable than you think. Go for the wilshire.
  7. I vote for NF MM. Venis not a practical bag for travelling.
  8. Damier nf mm! I love mine!
  9. I hate to say that because I love vernis, but I think NF will be better for what you have in mind.
  10. still could not decide which one to go for. would appreciate if there are more suggestions coming in :P
  11. Get the Vernis...it sounds like you really want the Vernis...I have 2 Alma vernis..I always wanted the wilshire..but I need a tote with a zipper...
  12. Vernis is not suited with hot weather or direct sun exposure, so i will say you should go with the neverfull and get something vernis at a later date!
  13. I would go for the n/f for your needs and get a vernis SLG:smile:
  14. I vote for vernis wilshire MM. Go for a darker color like what everyone is saying here. vernis is so classy and functional.

    Neverfull is also great but way too common.

    gd luck!
  15. Vernis Wilshire - it will be a real head turner!!