Which bag should I get my wife for Valentine's Day?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I come seeking your wise council. I want to surprise my wife with a purse for Valentine's Day. She has been fawning over these two bags for awhile now:

    Bottega Veneta
    Braided Shoulder Bag

    Bottega Veneta
    Braided Leather Hobo

    Now I'm going to be honest - these look identical to me :smile: So I need your help: which should I get? She seems to like both, since she can't make up her mind about the two. But I'd like to get the best one on the first try (so she doesn't have to exchange it).

    So can you please give me your opinion on which I should get.. and help explain to me how these are different :confused1:


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  2. I like the First one the best :tup:. What a nice husband you are to buy your wife a BV for Valentine's Day!
  3. Both are nice, but I like the hobo better. Which styles do you see her in most often? What does she prefer?
  4. The first one is more secure with the zipper. I can't tell whether the second bag has a zipper but it molds to the body better and looks easier to access if she's got lots of things to carry.
  5. One of the problems is that I just have no eye for these kinds of things :sad: I wouldn't know a "style" if it hit me in the face :P
  6. I would go with the first one, to me the second one reminds me of a baseball with that stitching.
  7. I agree with the 1st one- it's good to have the option of a zipper. It looks like it could be left unzipped and folded over and still remain sort of 'closed'.

    I also agree w/ the baseball comment about the 2nd one.
  8. So it looks like the first one is the winner? Does anyone have a compelling argument for the second one?
  9. The first one looks easier to carry on the shoulder, as 'clearance' is not the issue it could be with the second one, especially if you live somewhere where she's wearing a coat. That said, I actually think the second one is a bit classier and looks more like BV IMHO than the first.

    And the second one is significantly larger! That should be the deciding factor, if she likes room, no?
  10. I like the second one better than the first. The shape is much easier to dress up or dress down.
  11. Nope, no compelling argument for the second one, the first one should be it! Glad you came here for our advice, we sure could help you more in the future if you're interested:graucho:
  12. love the first!! droool!
  13. Jason, looks like you came to the right place for advise..I too would go with the first:yes:...go hit the store!:P
  14. The first one if she is concerned about safety issues, however, I think getting in might be a hassle because she will have to take it off to get into it. The second is a great casual hobo, looks very comfortable however one toss to the passengers side of the car, unless there is a magnetic closure (it does not say in the description) spillage may occur.

    I would personally put style over function and go for the hobo. I really like the look and comfort.
  15. I like the style and shape of the hobo bag better.