Which bag should I get my daughter??

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  1. My daughter just got accepted to medical school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want to get her something special . . . I know she likes the Shirley in white; she also wants a wallet, or I could do some great shoes, or or or . . .

    HELP! What do I do that would be special to reward her for 4 years of really hard work?? I'm SO excited for her!

    Help me pick something! I can only afford around $1,000.00.
  2. How about a Batignolles Horizontal??! Its a FABULOUS LV. She can use it for work or school. Its very inexpensive as far as LV goes and you get alot of bang for your buck. Its one of my favorite LV bags that I own.
  3. Yes, the Batignolles Horizontal would be a great bag for your daughter! Congrats to her acceptance to medical school!!! Or maybe the large Noe? She could use it as a tote bag for all of her school notebooks... look at the LV Clubhouse for the thread regarding Noe. Another PFer is using a Noe as her school bag!
  4. ^^That's a great idea!
  5. Honestly, I have about 20 LV bags and if someone said you could only have one it would be the Bat Hor. Its totally featherlight weight, holds a TON. Made really well. And looks chic but functional.
  6. Congrats to your daughter!:yahoo: I think the shirley is a wonderful option for her.:yes:
    I think I remember you you had a BH and didn't you give it to one of your daughters? This one? It is a great bag, but I think she has one from you, right?
  7. Another vote for BH. I'm asking this one for Christmas as well. Especially as a med student she'll really appreciate its functionality for carrying all her notebooks and laptop! I think you have mentioned giving her your speedy right? Since she already has a handheld, then getting her the tote this time would also make sense.
  8. i remember that too. if that's the case, then go for the shirley. :smile:
  9. A wallet with some shopping money inside! Congrats to your daughter!
  10. ooh! that's a great suggestion too!
  11. Oh how about a fabulous agenda??? She could totally use that right?
  12. Congrats to your daughter!! You must feel so proud and happy for her!:yahoo:

    I was going to vote BH also, but if she already has one of yours, then I defer to the other posters here.
  13. I vote Shirley.
  14. Congrats to your daughter! I like the Shirley.
  15. BH would be an excellent choice!

    Or a Saleya. But I'm not sure if the straps are comfy.