Which bag should I get? MUSE or SUHALI?

  1. Hi Everyone, I need help on deciding before Friday which bag to get. Either the white YSL Muse bag or the white Louis Vuitton Suhali Lockit PM or MM. The most I've ever spent on a handbag is 600 dollars so this will be my first major purchase. Which bag do you think has more potential to be a classic? Also if anyone has any negative experiences with the quality of either bag please let me know. I am leaning more towards the LV. Thanks.
  2. go with the one you like
  3. I'm gona be biased kuz...I'm a SUHALI lover!!! classic :heart: :love:
  4. I vote Suhali!
  5. A no brainer..... Suhali!
  6. Unfortunately, I disagree. MUSE.
  7. Suhali....if I ever get a LV, that's what it will be.
  8. The suhali will wear better, IMO. I have read that people have problems with the stitching on the muse (although I do love the muse style).
  9. i don't like the muse at all... so i vote for the suhali.
  10. Muse!!!
  11. Muse
  12. another vote for suhali!!! it's the most beautous bag range :drool: and soo special looking..
  13. SUHALI!!!! A beautiful bag!!
  14. you can't go wrong with the suhali..:smile:
  15. I would vote for the Suhali over a Muse.