which bag should I get? Hot pink or Metalic? help!

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  1. hey girls!

    which one should I get? I can't decide!? I wish I can afford both. let me know what you guys think?

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  2. i prefer the metallic one.. as much as I love pink, I think the pink is way too bright in my opinion..
  3. Although the hot pink is drop dead gorgeous, it looks like the other one will be much easier to wear with every color in your wardrobe.
  4. I think it depends on your wardrobe. If you wear pink on your clothes than this pink bag might be a little too teeny bopper barbie worldish. The metallic in this case would be better. But I like this pink! Personally the metallic grey looks too much like aluminum for me.
  5. Metallic!!! It's gorgeous!

    The pink is "cute" but IMO the mixture of patent and bright, barbie pink just make it a little too out there. Seems like its going to be a bit difficult to mix and match and perhaps not too versatile in terms of places you might feel comfortable carrying it. I might be completely wrong, I'm stating from my perspective! :biggrin:

    I personally would be way happier with the metallic.
  6. Metallic... i think the pink is a little to much.
  7. i think the metallic will be easier to match with others
    and probably a better bag to have forever
    but seriously........ how often does a pink like that come along!?!?
    i would snap it up asap! * drools *
  8. OMG I LOVE THE PINK!!!!! If you don't get it, please please please PM me the info so I can!!!
  9. I would go for a metallic..... but isn't the second bag u have posted actually a black patent leather flap? :confused1:
  10. Wow! I love both colours actually. The metallic seems easier on matching it with clothings. I think wearing hot pink will make me look 10 years younger!

    I vote for hot pink!!!!!
  11. Metallic! So much more versatile.
  12. Tough choice indeed. If its me, I would opt for the hot pink!
  13. I vote for Metallic!!
  14. I am a huge huge fan of both pink and metallic but between the two...I would go for PINK! (I :heart: pink!)
  15. Both are lovely bags, but I think that I would go for the metallic. It's more versatile IMO and a colour which you are likely to use more. The pink is gorgeous but perhaps more of a bag for a special occasion?