Which Bag should I get??? Help!!!

Jul 4, 2007
I really want one of the coated canvas bags. I had bought the large tote but it was too big for me so now I am deciding between the small tote and the XL satchel. I lOVE the satchel as it looks like the Lily (which is too heavy for me) but the small tote is much less expensive. I want to order it before PCE ends! What do you ladies think. I was hoping these bags would be in stores on the 26th but as they aren't on the website and the catalogue says February I assume they will be available now by order only.

I am also thinking about a carryall. I was looking at the signature stripe one in bronze. Any opinions? That may be in stores tomorrow. I can't wait to check it out!!!
I like the signature stripe carryall best myself but lots of gals have fallen in love with the Heritage line. You could get the Heritage satchel, try it out for yourself and if it doesn't work exchange it for one of the other 2 you mention.
I have the large Heritage Stripe tote but have not carried it yet.
I ordered the medium size one as well in the pink and am waiting to
receive it to make my decision on which one I will keep - large or medium.
I think you should just get the smaller Heritage Stripe tote and then
you can make a decision and return one or the other. The Heritage
Stripe will not be in stores until late January. The satchels are not
available to order right now but should be available in January sometime
to order. I love the Heritage Stripe Collection and hope it will become
a mainstay in the Coach Collection.
Get what you really want. If you REALLY love the satchel (don't blame you!!) then get it. Better to buy what you'll be happy with than think you saved money but end up Ebaying it when it just fails to be what you really, really wanted.
^^ Mary G, I think it comes in just the red or geranium color right now. I hope it comes out in other colors eventually. And I hope they do another size or two. Since this is the xl, I'm hoping that means there will be a medium or large later.