Which Bag Should I Get? help please(!)

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  1. Hey guys
    I'm SERIOUSLY thinking of getting a sig. stripe tote (the smaller one) either the brown, or i am really loving the multi color stripe too, it's just beautiful, but maybe the brown would go better with everything? let me say i'm not one for matching clothes to my bags, but just for the sake of money.. which one should I get? the muti strip is only about 10 bucks more
    thank you all ;)
  2. IMO - the brown one is sooooo much more classy and grown up looking. The multi-stripe (again, in my opinion) looks much 'younger'.
  3. Yeah thats what I was thinking,because the brown matches the sig. print more than the multi color stripe
  4. yeah, I think it compliments it better.
    don't get me wrong...I love some of the other "single color" stripe bags (the black/black, khaki/white, khaki/crimson, khaki/blue, khaki/gold)...but for some reason, I'm not a huge fan of the pale blue, punch, or multi-stripe.

    it's a personal preference of course...
  5. I like the brown one!
  6. keep in mind that there are a whole bunch of new signature stripe items coming out (there's a thread on it)...
  7. I totally agree with this, plus the brown is more year round
  8. Brown is definitely more year-round, but the multi-stripe items are being pulled from the stores.... decisions decisions, right? LOL! I'm no help because I :heart: both.
  9. with the exception of kinda liking the baby blue stripe, i completely agree!
  10. I like the signature stripe totes that have the single color. I think the multicolor stripe is just too much. There really isn't any...cohesiveness? to the bag. If you like color, you can always dress up the brown stripe tote with charms and scarves. I'd go with the brown, much classier.:smile:
  11. agreed. I can't stand the multi-stripe. I want to like it, but, it's just too...I don't know. young looking I guess? (And I'm only 21 lol).

    go for the brown! :smile:
  12. I'd go with the brown because it goes with more things. The multi-stripe is pretty, but it won't match with everything... which can get frustrating lol.
  13. IMO i would go with the brown ^-^
  14. multistripe!!
  15. have you thought about getting the new brown one with the legacy stripe lining? I saw one at Dillards today and they are AWESOME! Way cuter than the original ones.