WHICH BAG should I get for Summer-LV OR COACH?

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  1. Coach Gigi Patent Turquoise

  2. LV Neverfull MM

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  1. HELP!
    I can't decide between these 2. I like that the Coach is colorful for summer. But the LV is just gorgeous to me...PLEASE VOTE.
    #1) Coach Patent Gigi in Turquoise

    #2) Louis Neverful MM
  2. Please Vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I saw a girl at the mall with the LV Neverfull and I loved it in person, it's so much nicer in person than in pictures. PLUS, you will have it forever and it will never go out of style! The GIGI is on the trendy side.
  4. THANKS!
    OMG! Your siggy ROCKS! I'm the ultimate Duran Duran fan and going to their concert in MAY! :yahoo:
  5. Oh wow I can't decide! I love both bags but right now I am looking to purchase my first LV!!! I really like the Neverful. I agree with Antonia, the LV will never go out of style. I really love the Gigi too and have considered getting that one as well but right now I am going with the LV.
  6. OMG!!! Another Duranie....too ironic!!! Looovvee them-I saw them about 2 years ago at the Agganis Arena-6th row right in the middle of the stage. I hope to see them again in May-have a great time at the concert!! :tup::wlae:

    Now, back to topic, I hope you post pics of what you get!! :smile:
  7. LUCKY DOG! You must be around my age cause no gals this day and age know who they are even:lol: DURAN DURAN ROCKS!! Ugh. I can't wait for that concert. Where would you be seeing them in May, if you go? I'm seeing them in Atlanta! I'm just giddy right now thinking of it. Can you believe it will be my first Duran concert ever too.SAD huh? Better late than never
    THANKS for the handbag advice. What do you carry?
  8. i really like the coach color. perfect for summer. very happy!
  9. It depends on whether you like signature bags. I personally like the Coach more. Happy deciding! M
  10. You said this is a summer bag. Summer itself is a trend, it comes and goes quickly! So the summer statement should be about "the moment", the "in color", and the Coach bag meets that criteria.
    The LV bag you can buy toward the end of summer to get ready for your fall staple. The LV bag conveys "upper east side" while the Coach bag says "take me to the Hamptons".
  11. Neverfull No Doubt!
  12. Love both of them but I can't ever pass up a LV
  13. I voted definitely the Gigi tote... I love the style of it compared to the LV... the LV bag that you are deciding between is too plain IMO... I like the Gigi, has more hardware... just seems like an all around practical bag... otherwise if I had to pick an LV bag, I'd get the speedy over the Gigi any day! Good Luck deciding! :tup:
  14. I think the LV with give you more bang for your buck in the long run. The Coach is cute, but it is trendy.
  15. :nuts:I think you should get a Zac Posen.