which bag should I exchange my carryall for?

  1. Pls help! Which bag should I exchange my carryall for tomorrow? Thanks!


    or Medium Carly in Khaki/Saddle or Choc Signature?

  2. I am partial to the carly. I broke down and brought a khaki/black carly home with me today and I really like it!
  3. Choc signature carly! BTW why are you returning the carryall? Was it just not you?
  4. Hi, I bought the chocalate signature fabric medium carryall. It is really beautiful but I knew that the zipper would drive me nuts. Also, the hardware of the bag kept making these squeaky noises...
  5. I would totally say the carly.. but after getting mine and returning it because of some flaws that worried me that might happen to mines.. and nowadays i am TOTALLY obsessing over getting that middle black/silver chelsea hobo~
  6. I vote for the Chelsea hobo in brown. I have that bag and LOVE it!!
  7. I vote for the middle one...the Chelsea hobo in black/white signature! I HAVE this bag in the medium size, and have NOT stopped using it since my hubby gave it to me (see my posts about it w/ modelling pics!!!) It's a great bag that goes w/ ANYTHING in your wardrobe and this black/white color combo is TDF!!! She keeps an adorable slouch too!!! Keep us posted on your decision!!!!
  8. She's a BEAUTIFUL bag...I OWN her!!! LOL... BUY her...you will NOT be sorry!!! :tup:
  9. That pup is adorable and the mommy. What breed is that? So cute. I like the Chelsea hobo in brown too!! Good luck making a choice. :heart:
  10. I would vote for the Chelsea satchel or the Chelsea Hobo in tobacco/kakhi. I do not have either one of these bag. But I just saw them in the store. Very Cute.:heart:
  11. I vote for the medium carly. It's such a great bag and you can wear it with anything! I love mine!