Which bag should I choose?

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  1. I have sold some bags and saved some money and am plotting my next addition to my small collection. Due to a number of of upcoming expenses like taking more grad classes, this will be my last LV purchase for quite awhile so I want to choose wisely. I am debating between a Totally MM in mono or the new DE Portobello. I want a comfortable bag with a zipper to use while traveling and for weekends. I currently own a mono Artsy MM, a DE Neverfull MM, and a DE Speedy 25. I love the styling of the Portobello, but I am worried it is too much like the Artsy to justify the purchase given the small size of my collection. Also, the fact that it costs $400 more is not insignificant. If I go with the Totally, I will use the savings (along with selling my Speedy 25) to fund a DE Speedy 30. Opinions would be appreciated.
  2. Totally MM + Speedy 30. I just think they would be a wonderful addition to your collection. You are right, $400 is not insignificant.
  3. :yes: Quantity over quality, but in this case, I would rather have the Speedy 30 and Totally.
  4. totally mm :smile:
  5. Did you mean quality over quantity? :P:biggrin:
  6. I have said this a million times, but my Totally MM is a go to bag for me. It is so comfortable and holds a lot. When I needed a bag to schlep all over Paris, out came good old Totally and it never got uncomfortable. To me it is the perfect classic tote. And if you are saving for a DE speedy, maybe go with a mono bag now. That being said, the pictures of the Portabello are really pretty. I'm interested to hear more reviews when people start wearing them out and about. It's definitely one to consider. Good luck deciding!
  7. Lmao- yes I did! I'm so hungry I can't think. Time to get off looking for purses and go eat! HAHA. Thank you!
  8. Totally MM and Speedy 30
  9. Loving the style and low maintenance Portabello.
  10. You can't go wrong with totally. I have the mm size and love it. It is very comfortable on my shoulder.
  11. Since you already have Neverfull in DE and planning to get a Speedy 30 in DE, go with Totally in Mono.
    Put some variety in your collection :smile:
  12. +1 for Totally MM. It is a great bag! :smile:
  13. Totally and speedy...
  14. Totally MM in mono!
  15. totally and speedy 30. good luck! nice collection btw:smile: