Which bag should I buy to match my navy blue J. Crew Coat?

  1. Can you help me figure out what bag I should buy to MATCH my navy blue J. Crew coat? The brands I'm willing to choose from are Burberry, Longchamp, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci. Any bags in any style from any of those brands will do. You can be as specific as possible. And if they're no longer sold in stores, maybe I find can it on eBay! And include a picture if you have!

    (The coat is a dark navy blue - not black)


    Any suggestions? :tup:
  2. i think an azur speedy or something would go great...its got that blue in the pattern and the white would really stand out against the dark coat.
  3. hmmm.... I think you need to ADD SOME BLING to a dark/neutral coat lol.

    1. Mirroir Lockit!
    2. okie fine, a bit more subtle (but still keeping the bling! lol), a Suhali le Talentueux in white or black
    3. Suhali Lockit PM in white or black
  4. Red epi speedy!
  5. something BRIGHT....:graucho:
  6. Pomme bedford
  7. A vernis bag in Pomme!!
  8. hmm...something bright 8)
  9. ivory epi montaigne clutch would look divine with your navy coat.
  10. I agree with this! I have a Toledo Blue epi Speedy and a red coat and it is one of my fav combos!
  11. Anything Azur would be devine:

  12. Do you have any preferences, such as shoulder or handheld ? Any material in particular - like damier, or a leather ?
  13. mini lin croisette speedy in blue
  14. Just what I was thinking! :tup: great bag either in blue or rouge would look divine!
  15. How about Mono Speedy 35, Damier Azur Speedy or Suhali Le Fab in Blanc?
    spe 35 -04.jpg spe 35 -05.jpg xmas07-21.jpg