Which bag should I buy? (Teri, Tina, Marisa or Sylvie)

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm buying a Marc by MJ bag for my wife (birthday surprise) and would appreciate your advice/comments.

    I have the following choice...

    Tina Tote (firebird red)
    Teri Tote (firebird red)
    Marisa (burgundy?)
    Sylvie (black)

    I'm edging towards #1 Tina or #2 Teri. Would you be happy to receive either of these as a surprise? Which is the most popular/desirable out of the four mentioned above?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  2. The Tina is HUGE. I didn't know that until today.
  3. Could you post pics of them? I'm not familiar with all the styles.
  4. Tina Tote

    Teri Tall Tote (this is yam color)

    Mauve Marissa

    Black Sylvie
  5. Can I ask a dumb question? How do you get pictures in the body of the post? I tried <img src=""> and it didn't work. :shame:
  6. Bulletin boards won't accept the regular html tags, so <> won't work. You would have to use these [ brackets instead. or you can click on the image icon (yellow box that has a mountain pic) on the editor, then put the link of the image. Hope that makes sense.
  7. Thanks Zoinksta. That makes sense. :smile:
  8. What size bags does your wife normally use? If she tends to stick to large bags, then the Tina is a great choice.
    If she is petite then she should have no problem with this, but the handle drop on the Teri is a little small I have heard.

    I've seen them all in person and I own the Tina in Firebird.. and I love the bag and the color.
  9. i just ordered the tina turnlock bag thru Zappos. they are pm with Saks price if anyone's interested. i just ordered the dark brown. i'm 5' 3" so i hope it's not too big. thanks
  10. I have the Marisa in camel and love it, but it isn't for everyone. The tonal print on it makes it really unique and it stands out in a crowd, but some people aren't fans of monograms.

    The Tina is absolutely massive. I stand around 5'5, and when I held it up to a mirror it seemed really disproportional... it might just be me though. Still very cute though, and definitely a good functional bag.
  11. i think that, of those, the teri is the most classic style. it will work for dress or casual, and is a really great size. i'd go for that one in a heartbeat. also, the firebird is hard to find, so i think she'd love it.

    excellent birthday idea, BTW :smile:
  12. I agree with smc...definitely the teri because it is more versatile (IMO) and can be worn on the shoulder as well.

    P.S. You're a fabulous DH! :jammin:
  13. I like the Marisa bag. I just bought it for Saks Private Sale. I got triple points. It seems like a good everyday bag. A lot can fit in it. I like the monogram, which is not something that I usually like. I really like the lining inside.
  14. Out of the four, I pick the teri! It's a GREAT bag. Very classic too.

    I think some people may see the Marisa as more of a casual bag and the Sylvie as more loud. You cant go wrong with either the Teri or the Tina!
  15. i love the tina. i think it is a beautiful, understated bag.