Which bag should I buy? Suggestions please!

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  1. #1 Jul 4, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2016
    Hi Everyone!

    My husband is going to Italy and wants to wants to buy me a bag. I am very touched and excited as this is the first time he is buying me a bag. As it will be a pricey purchase, he wants me to tell him what I would like. I would like some ideas as to what bag I should choose.

    We all know how expensive designer bags can be, and I dont want to shock him with the price tag on his first designer bag shopping attempt (: hence i would like to keep the price point at maximum 1300 USD.

    My style preferences are minimal logos, clean lines, in leather, with a classic design. Examples of brands I like are celine, balenciaga, YSL, miu miu, prada (in order of preference). What I have in mind at the moment is something structured that can be dressed up or down. However, I am more than happy to explore all options.
    I would be grateful for any bag suggestions you have!

    Thank you!
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  2. Thanks for your reply! He will be going to Rome. He is not a shopping person, so I am hoping he wont have to travel an hour out to some factory outlet.. though it may be well worth his time :smile: are the deals at the factory outlet too good to be missed? I must really send him there in that case.. haha..
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    If your husband is willing to buy you a bag while in Rome, then send him to Via Condotti by the Piazza di Spagna. Give him a couple of pictures of the bags you want and let him pick one or two for you. All the brands you prefer are great brands, they have many different styles to choose from small cross bodies to large structure totes. If you can narrow your preference even further then you may get more responses.

    DH has a list of things I like him to buy while he's on business trips overseas. The Celine Box in taupe is on the list.
  5. That's very exciting! What about a Céline Trio bag? It's a great bag to start your collection with and it is a classic design. :smile:
  6. Have you considered Fendi? Rome is the birthplace of Fendi and their designs are very minimal. USD 1300 is quite restrictive but I think you could get small leather goods or even a tote at Fendi.