WHich bag should I buy. Marc by marc Quinn vs Botkier Sophie both in GRAY

  1. Ok i have been drooling over the marc by marc quinn bag for a long time now ever since it first showed up in the stone gray color. BUT now i saw jessica alba carrying the Botkier Sophie bag and i really really love the small one in gray!!!! I have tons of marc jacobs bags but i dont have even one botkier bag! I am torn. WHich one should I get? I think you gals can help me decide. Thanks
    botkier bag.jpg quinn1.jpg
  2. i gotta say i really do love that quinn though.... but when you see the botkier on someone it looks AMAZING
  3. I like the MbyMJ!
  4. I find the MJ bags heavy, but the one you like is beautiful.

    Because I own a Botkier, I can verify that the leather is to DIE for....very soft, smooshy, smells great, and isn't overly heavy when fully loaded.

    Go with the one you simply cannot live without!!!!!
  5. I prefer the Botkier bag. It's got a very appealing line. I also love the exterior pockets.

    However, you should buy the bag you love or you'll regret it!
  6. The Botkier Sophie would be my choice. I too have a few Marc Jacobs bags but l prefer the Sophie

  7. I love the Botkier! I have it in ink and it's amazing!!
  8. quinn for me
  9. The thing with the sophie is i am torn i am not sure which size to get the large or the small? Ive seen the large on someone but i need to see the small on someones shoulder so i can know. I dont like HUGE bags the smaller the better i guess hehe thanks all :smile:
  10. Definitely sophie. Looks smooshier and just overall more useable!
  11. yeah i feel myself leaning toward the sophie just because i have so many marc jacobs bags and most of them end up falling apart.. horrible quality in the marc by marc bags..... yikes
  12. Botkier has my vote on this one
  13. Quinn!:heart::heart:
  14. I like the MBMJ! I like the clean lines.
  15. I personally don't like the sophie as much because all i see are pictures and haven't seen it on a person - i saw someone with a quinn today and i love it - i am lusting after it now too!