Which bag should I bring?

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  1. Enga brought up a good point in the hangout thread! The kids and I are tagging along with Russ to Florida at the end of March. He'll be busy working so the L's and I will be on our own most of the time. We will be doing a bit of the Disney stuff, some beach time, eating out, etc.
    I'll probably do a backpack for Disney.

    Which bag should I bring???

    I know which one I want to bring...

    Someone's canvas Wyeth tote, lol! :P

    This is what I have to pick from...

    Black Wyeth Tote
    Yam Clara
    Yam Conrad
    Lorca's in VCP and Oyster
    Red Bea
    KP Corc which is on it's way
    and my Jerome Dreyfuss Robert bag

    I plan on bringing my yam Staci for a night out. :smile: I wish I had a spring/summer leather crossbody bag!
  2. Of those, the Yam Conrad.
    If you're carrying enough for a backpack, you'll take the backpack (or the KP Corc, which I have a feeling you'll end up taking instead of a backpack).
    Conrad's easier to get into than the Clara.
    Carries JUST enough more than a Lorca.
    Bea's too heavy... you'll end up taking the Corcovado instead of a Bea anytime you travel.

    Just make sure you've sprayed the heck out of the Conrad... you're going to get rained on. Daily.

    And if that's a worry, take the VCP Lorca and the Corcovado.
  3. ^ Conrad was my first thought too. And it's sprayed. A Lot! :winkiss: :ghi5:
  4. Conrad, you need the crossbody option definitely!!
  5. never mind...brain freeze...my dhs co mtg is at the end of April! doh...
  6. yep, conrad. mmm and oyster lorca.
  7. Conrad!!!

    And KP Corc... Are your kiddos too big for strollers?

    And a lorca for going out!!!
  8. Definitely the Conrad. It's a fab bag when you're doing the tourist thing.

    FWIW, IMO Yam is an all season color. :smile:
  9. Listen to all this Conrad love! Holy heck, do I need a Conrad?? :thinking:

    ...and a Corc? lol
  10. Agreed, Conrad. The crossbody option will be handy.
  11. I just sold my Mountain Buggy Urban Double a few weeks ago and we still have a Valco TriMode with the toddler seat... but I am suddenly sick that I sold my MB! There is a company down there that rents Baby Joggers so I was thinking about renting a double side by side. My son rarely rides but he'll never make it through a whole day at Disney and my daughter would probably ride until she starts highschool if I'd let her. She likes to belt out orders to her driver. :P

    I wish I could extend the Conrad's strap a few inches. I like a crossbody to hang a bit lower like the Wyeth does!
  12. ^^^I find my short crossbodies work best when I put the bag up towards my back, kwim? That looks the least "strange" to me!

    Coool, so you can pack up KP Corc w. all of your sandwiches and water etc and leave that w. the stroller and just take the Conrad w. all of your purse stuff on the rides? That's what other mamas have recommended on other boards, and I thought it was a brilliant idea.
  13. You can rent strollers (single and double) at Disney. It's the easiest thing to do IMO.

    eta - I would SO not leave my Corc unattended at Disney! Maybe just me, but... :s
  14. A stroller at Disney is the best thing ever. We were sad when my niece wouldn't fit in one anymore, but then my sister popped out my nephew :biggrin: We always throw our jackets and water bottles and other crap in the bottom. We leave it unattended when going on rides and to shows, but I wouldn't leave anything that looks like a purse or a shopping bag.
  15. Me neither. I would leave a backpack or something not-too-valuable with the stroller.