Which bag should I bring to the LV party?

  1. I plan on wearing either a short sleeve silk shirt or a v-neck sweater with wide leg pants. Thanks for your help.

    Green Perfo Speedy
    Panda Pouchette
    White MC Trouville
    Black MC Petite Noe
    Pouchette Florentine
  2. I like to take ltd or rare bags so i'd choose panda pochette
  3. Panda Pochette or Green perfo speedy! Have fun!
  4. Want to hear something crazy? I went to my local LV party last week, and there were actually people there who didnt wear their LVs! I mean, its an LV party... who does that? And I also found most people dressed very casually (I mean jeans and flip flops!- but then again that could just be a Scottsdale thing. People here generally dont know how to dress)

    ps I agree with the other girls... take the Panda pouchette!:p
  5. What colors are you wearing?
  6. Yes, what colors are you wearing?
    I like short sleeve silk shirts...
  7. Green perfo speedy :biggrin:
  8. Yay! Take BOTH!
  9. Green perfo!
  10. The one I went to everyone was wearing LV. One guy was covered in it and just looked silly. I mean, you can have too much of a good thing, plus everyone else is wearing LV at these parties... it's ok to be unique and not wear it. I do agree with you though, Jeans and Flip flops to a party... isn't so cool. Was it during the day or night?
  11. I would say the White MC Trouville, just because I think it is a stunning, stunning bag. The Green Perfo Speedy is a good choice too with the Panda Pochette.
  12. perfo speedy or panda pouchette!
  13. Panda!
  14. i would say the panda pochette - just so you have your hands free to look at the bags and sip champagne LOL as opposed to a hand bag that you would hang on the crook of your arm (mine gets tired easily hahaha) :smile: hope you have fun at the party!
  15. Green Perfo Speedy - very holiday too