Which bag should I "brave" next?

  1. For all of you who have read my saga re: the Good Girl Hobo (Grrr- so mad thread)- help me out- what should I get next? I loved how the Hobo looked (a little tough, but fairly grown up and somewhat conservative at the same time) and it was the perfect size. So when I finally get this matter resolved- what should I get instead? $300 dollar range. Definately leather. Probably black but maybe plum. Needs to fit over my shoulder. Like the idea of how the Good Girl had shoulder and tote handles. I like bags with the little metal feet (don't know why- just think they're a good thing). I'm open to all suggestions and love a good deal (don't we all). Don't like Coach, Dooney, or the like. Would like something fun but erring on conservative and want something that not everyone has. Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. How about MK, DKNY, or Botkier?

    Botkier $309
  3. How about TANO bags..they are unique. I also like the classic looks of Cole Haan and Donald Pliner.

  4. Ellen Tracy $ 298

  5. How about Francesco Biasia? I see them at Nordstrom.com There are several around your price range.
  6. Tano or Dutchy:

    Jet Basket

    although this doesn't have dual handles or metal feet.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. You've all given me a great start. Keep them comin':smile:
  8. How about the Hayden Harnett Ana Frame Bag? On sale for $200 at Feng Junk and code GRECHEN will get you another 20% off. They are on Fashion Accessories by Andrea Brueckner, Aaneta, Lauren Merkin and more... in chocolate brown and black.

    Made of luxurious and unique garment washed sheepskin, this perfect everyday bag is full of understated style. External magnetic zip pockets keep essentials at hand while the interior keeps everything organized. Also featuring gold hardware, and cotton twill lining.
    [​IMG] Size: 16"L x 15"H x 2-1/2"D
    We offer free domestic and international shipping!

    Price: $250.00 $200.00
  9. I have not seen that particular style in person but all the Biasia bags I have seen has really nice leather.
  10. I've been looking at it and definately like it. Do you own one? Is the leather soft but durable? And my only real concern with this bag was- is it too big? I'm a petite 5'4"- do you think the frame bag would over-power me?
  11. I have the HH havana hobo in black and the leather is just scrumptiously soft and huggable, and durable. Very good quality leather. :P Lots of fans of HH on this forum too. I do not think the bag would overpower you because of the shape and style. They hang just beautifully and I really think you would be tickled with it. For the price, you can't go wrong. The only reason I haven't already grabbed one is that I try to spread out my bag buying dollars in different brands so I can try different ones...I do love my Havana, though.. I see they have the Nico on sale for $395, if that comes down a bit more, I may go ahead and grab it...but right now am eyeing a couple of Botkier bags...
  12. DiamondGirl1- I love the Botkier bags too. Saw them "live" at Neimans and the leather is lovely. They are just a bit more than I'm looking to spend. Being in law school really zaps the amount of "fun money" I have:sad: