Which bag should i add to my collection?

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  1. #1 Feb 12, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2010
    Hi girls,
    this is my collection so far ( I will post pics later)

    2007 Med. Black Lambskin with silver hardware
    2006 Jumbo Violet Lambskin with silver hardware
    2.55 size 226 Metallic Blue Reissue with silver chain
    2.55 size 224 Grey Anniversary Reissue with silver chain
    Grey GST
    Black Caviar Timeless clutch

    I love :

    • Large Black Camera Case with gold hardware
    • 2.55 ( 225-226?) Black Reissue with gold hardware
    • Jumbo Black Caviar with gold hardware
    • Jumbo Red ( maybe light red.. any pics? ) with gold hardware

  2. black caviar jumbo ghw
  3. either jumbo cav or matte black reissue 226.
  4. ^ Same here! :tup:
  5. Your collection sounds lovely. I say to add a red jumbo with gold hardware. I think it's the most different from all of the pieces you have in your collection.
  6. 226 Black Reissue with gold hardware or black jumbo cav with GHW! ;)
  7. camera case
  8. I would get the jumbo or camera! good luck!
  9. I would say either a black caviar jumbo with ghw, or a red caviar jumbo flap with ghw.
  10. I would get a black caviar Jumbo with gold h/w!
  11. Black caviar with GHW
  12. Camera case or red jumbo or maxi
  13. camera case next...or to really throw you off get a vintage XL
  14. I'd get the jumbo black caviar with gold hw.
  15. either the jumbo black with ghw or camera case.
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