which bag should go?

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  1. I'm feeling completely overwhelmed with STUFF in general, and have decided to put a bag on the chopping block.

    I can't choose which one! I have it narrowed down to two:
    Legacy Shoulder (07) in Whiskey
    Hamptons Carryall in khaki/lilac

    I have some pros/cons of both, but I need a bit of outside help to decide which one should go.

    + leather (prefer leather over signature in general
    + "classic"
    - a bit small for my tastes
    - don't really enjoy carrying it (not comfortable)
    - a bit "plain"

    + a standout piece, more unique
    + roomier, like the structured-ness
    - only a spring/summer bag
    - signature...prefer leather
    - too busy?

    If it helps, my other bags include a pond patent Ergo Hobo, rose Leigh, magenta Madeline and a chocolate/bronze Signature Stripe Tote.

  2. #2 Aug 13, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2008
    I would get rid of the hamptons caryall. But I am biased, and I LOVE anything legacy. It seems like you don't enjoy carrying the '07 legacy shoulder, though, so I would get rid of the one that you carry the least.

    Good luck deciding!
  3. Why not sell both?! You have a pretty good list of "cons" for each bag, so if you sell them both you could use that $$ to get a really nice new one that you are totally in love with! If not, I would keep the Legacy - I always choose leather over signature.
  4. My vote is to keep the legacy.
  5. I agree. But if I had to choose one, I'd say the Legacy because it sounds like you won't use it at all if you dont find it comfortable. At least with the Hamptons, you'd carry it during the summer. :smile:
  6. I would get rid of the hamptons. I just think the shoulder is such a classic bag that if you get rid of it you will end up regretting it later.

  7. I thought this too, but then on the side of the Carryall, the Shoulder Bag is an easier one to buy back if I so desire.

    So many factors!:confused1:
  8. I love my legacy bags, but if you don't enjoy carrying a bag, it doesn't make sense to keep it!
  9. Even though I love how Legacy pieces look, I only own one because I find them so heavy!

    It sounds like your Legacy shoulder bag doesn't get much use so I would sell that one. There are other "classic" leather bags out there as well!
  10. I'm not a sig fan so normally, I'd say the Hamptons Carryall, but it sounds like you're not using the Legacy bag at all so that would be my first choice plus if your not using the other, sell both!
  11. I agree that maybe you should consider selling both of the bags if you don't enjoy carrying them. You can then put the money toward something you'll carry often and enjoy; don't feel like you have to rush to buy something. Just take your time, think about what you want and if you could carry it every day.

    If I had to choose, I'd say sell the Hamptons. Good luck!
  12. I personally would keep the Legacy shoulder bag. It is one of my favorite bags! But if it's too small for you and you don't carry it, then maybe it should be the one to go. But I agree with the others that say maybe both should go. You obviously aren't in total love with either one. Sell both and use the money to buy something you truly love!
  13. I'd keep the Legacy bag myself, but if you don't enjoying carrying it, it doesn't make much sense to keep it.
  14. carryall for the reasons that you listed. leather is always the keeper in my mind!;)
  15. I say get rid of the Hampton's Carry-all, only b/c I don't care for that color combination and you can use the Legacy Shoulder year round.

    If you think the Legacy is too plain, get a charm or scarf or something to spice it up!