which bag shld i get?

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  1. Pink !!
  2. hmmmm no zip huh? hmmmm
    but i guess most of the mm bags doesn't have zip just buttons huh?
  3. hmmmm i also just notice that both sides of the bag seems abit worn? or is it just me ....
  4. I like the purple better but just because I like the shape of the charm better than the pink one...I'd get the charm in pink!
  5. :smile: i guesss charm does have their charm on me too :P
    the pink one is cute.... and i was told that the purple one is damaged and have to send back to the factory..
  6. chery, are you getting the charm? I like the charm just not in that color very much...I mean I do but I don't, some days I do some days I don't ...I used to love it but not so sure sometimes..
  7. I personally love the charm in that colour but looks like I'm outvoted. I wouldn't be keen though if it's damaged.
  8. yeah i hear u butterfly.. i've been wondering too...alot infact especially when my mind is set on buying it....then i love and i don't love them .... strange huh? :P
    I love the regular charm shape.. but also love the design of those ...'wrinkled' looking skin? i dunno how to describe it... i seen one beautiful pink one before in MM SG but i dunno what design is that though..might be a coffer.. awww.. my mind is just filled with bags but can't put my mind on 1...
    I'm giving up on both the bags.. i just saw a cute but heavy bag from Bally today.. and nappa aire from Loewe..love the soft touch of the bag....still thinking... since it'll be my 1st leather bag :P and i tried using my sis's miu miu bag today...too small for me but i do ... do LOVEEEE the smell of the leather... I might as well just recommend my sis to get more bags so i can lend it from her *evil*
  9. I absolutely adore the smell of my MM's leather it's my personal drug!!!!!!!!! what mm does your sister have?
  10. he hee it's so addictive...
    she got the large charm and a small bag which i dunno wat it is ...
    large charm too big and long for me ... and the small bag too small for me :P
  11. I like the Nappa Charm design better, but the color of that pink (dont know the name of the bag) is to die for! Tough choice. But I'd for gor the Nappa Charm.
  12. chery08... did u end up getting any bag?!
  13. :P nope... i decided to get purple since it's the 'fall' color but was told by the SA that the bag is damaged and need to send back to the factory...looks like i dun have much luck with miu miu bags..