which bag shld i get?

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  1. After a loooooooong thought...
    I've narrow down my choice to 2 bags...but still can't decide which to get...



    Mini charm will have to wait :P
  2. I prefer the pink one because of the colour. But I think the Charm (purple) is more practical as it can carry more tings.
  3. Pink one!
  4. ibisco (pink) one
  5. I am a huge fan of pink so Ibisco gets my vote. I also have an Ibisco satchel & it is breaking in really nicely, leather is all soft & yummy now.
  6. aww aww... pink got more votes~~~
    btw.. how should i take care of the leather?
  7. pink!! LOVE the design..

    use applegard?? i think, for rain repellant
  8. rain repellant?? kekeek interesting
    i can get it from like the 'fix it' store?
  9. By the way, are the bags on sales??
  10. charm is great for work
    believe it can hold more things than the pink one.
    both are equally beautiful to me [​IMG]
  11. yes it is .. 40% off one from US one from EU
  12. i have the ibisco shopper. love the colour. one thing i need to point out is that there's no zip closure. if you don't mind that, certainly go for the pink.
  13. Pink!
  14. Pink!
  15. It's PINK