Which bag shall I go for?

  1. Hello

    I wondered if I could get some advice as to which handbag I should opt for. I have whittled my options down to three bags - the Miu Miu bow bag in black, the Smythson Nancy Bag in black or a Bottega Veneta bag that is the traditional hobo design but had sort of a studded effect to it (it was apparently featured in a magazine a while ago). Any advice would be much appreciated. Many thanks!
  2. The Bottega Veneta! Classic bag you'll keep for years and years!
  3. I agree that the Bottega Veneta is def going to be the most lasting style, but what other types of bags do you have in your collection? And what kind of look are you going for? What's your general style type?
  4. Thank you so much for your replies. At the moment I have a bronze Chloe bag (Paddington style but with a smaller padlock) and alot of Anya Hindmarch bags. I really would like something more classic that I will love and keep forever. The Bottega bag I am thinking of is called the Fortestsia (apologies for the spelling). It is a shoulder bag in the hobo style with sort of black detailing on it. I saw it in Harvey Nichols last week. I do love the Smythson nancy bag as well but am worried whether it is a little mature - although I am in my mid 30s I guess! Thank you so much for your advice - really is much appreciated.
  5. I need pictures, but based on no pics I say go for the Bottega!
  6. Although I am a huge fan of BV I love the Smythson as well. That's a pretty tough choice. I think that both are lasting styles although the studs on the Bottega may eventually go out of style. You might be safer with one of their more plain bags.
  7. If Bottega Veneta is in the mix, I say always go with the BV.
  8. Don't go the Smythson. It's uber over-priced. IMO Smythson needs to prove itself for a couple more seasons kwim?

    I would like pictures, but Bottega Veneta is always classic, can't go wrong with BV.:yes:
  9. ITA
  10. BV :heart:
  11. Bottega,Bottega,Bottega!!!!
  12. Thank you so much for all your replies. I tried the Bottega bag yesterday and it is lovely. I just wonder if it is worth £850 though. The Miu Miu bow bag is a good buy for about £565. I have another bag to put into the equation as well - the Gucci Indy (saw a beautiful bronze one yesterday but it is £1800!!! Yikes). I have also seen a silver Moschino Cheap and Chic bag with bows on either side. Is everyone now ruling out the Smythson Nancy bag. It is quite a big bag but has a beautiful lining in purple silk. I just wonder if it is a bit of an older style though?!
  13. Wow. I really do *adore* the Miu Miu bow bag AND the Smythson Nancy bag. Both beautiful! Although the Miu Miu bow bag is more functional and everyday but still cute (who can resist those bows!), I think Smythson is IT! So pretty, especially in white/cream :drool: . Plus, I haven't seen too many people with the Smythson Nancy bag... soooo pretty.