which bag(s) are you targeting for 2008?

  1. thank you to lovekoobabags for her signature about waiting for the nov/dec sales next year! :p i started thinking about what bags i hope are on sale next year.

    this is the bag i'm targeting to buy in 2008 (hopefully on sale). :heart: i love the margot bag! it was nice and "light" in person too. :yes: both tbe truffle (brown) and black are gorgeous!

  2. Oh man. I want them all!!

    I love the Mercer Parker Hobo, the Quilted Classic Tote, and I think it might also be time to finally purchase a ZC.

    I need the money tree to start growing :tup:
  3. on the mj.com site, there's a bag called Mika under Spring Exclusives.. in taupe.. I want it so badly! When will we know pricing on these? does exclusive mean it's in boutique stores only? :love:
  4. I'm still kicking myself for not getting the light grey blake! I love that color.
  5. i might be tempted to get one more bag from the mix quilted line. i'm still on the lookout for a chili trish, so hopefully i'll get that sometime next year. although i'm not thrilled with what's on the marc jacobs website for the spring line so far, i'm certain there will be other styles available that aren't pictured. i can't wait to see what those bags will look like. actually, i'm pretty drawn to the taupe mika and isaac right now. either way i'm sure i'll get something from the new season being an addict and all.
  6. a lavender blake with a pistachio zc...oooh.
  7. If they make a Blake in Pistachio I might have to get for myself.

    I saw the MbMJ Hillier Hobo tonight in Mouse Grey and I have to say that I am in love. What a great bag.
  8. ^^^ They DO have the Blake in Pistachio!! - SA Tiffany from the MJ boutique in San Francisco called me the day it came in (Nov. 7th)

    - but I was too afraid (for my wallet) to go take a look. :nuts::nuts: Even though I was staying just a block away that week, I had just picked up my plum kid the day before at Saks!! -- The pistachio looked sooooo yummy in the Look Book.

    I'm sure something in that color will be on my 2008 wishlist. And the Margot, maybe in Olive .........
  9. That's a stunning bag, thundercloud!

    I will probably be stalking a Blake in a new color as usual...or maybe I'll bite the bullet and finally get a stam or stam-like bag. Some of these plum colors are just beautiful this year and I can't wait to see what colors they have next.

    I also desperately need another zip clutch.
  10. I have to decide if a Blake is practical for a full-time student. I've been craving one for about a year now but I just can't think of when I'd use it. :crybaby:
  11. I'm being drawn towards smaller bags for Spr08...I like the "single" I think more because of its cool teal color.

    Also on my list...more striping bags- one of these in chestnut (bowler, trish, or zip bowler).
  12. I really like that Margot bag! :yes:
  13. grey venetia, even though thats not really part of the 2008 collection (i dont think?).
  14. something in washed raisin :love:
  15. ive never seen that color, but it sounds like itd be really nice! do you have any pictures?