which bag? pls vote....


which bag?

  1. monogram multicolore - audra

  2. monogram vernis - roxbury

  3. monogram vernis - bedford

  4. epi leather - jasmin

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  1. greetings to everyone.....

    i have been thinking hard for the past few weeks... looking for a bag that is easy going - casual & formal. my husband wants to buy a bag for me :blush: as we are gg to paris this august... he likes the perle roxbury drive. however...... i have these few in mind......

    monogram multicolore - audra (white or black)
    monogram vernis - roxbury (perle)
    monogram vernis - bedford (perle)
    epi leather - jasmin (ivory)

    so....... which bag?

    many thanks........:flowers:
  2. I love the Jasmin. You would probably get a lot of use of it. From the sizes on the LV site, it also appears to be the largest.
  3. Ditto the the Jasmin!

    So feminine and pretty, but also very durable. Epi leather is just great!
  4. The jasmin would be great!
  5. Roxbury or bedford
  6. I choose the Audra, only because I'm eyeing that one now!! Although I love the roxbury and beford, have both! I don't know, I love them all!!!! Guess I'm the wrong one to ask!:graucho:
  7. I think my first choice would be the audra in black Mc. I adore the black MC, I have a black MC petite noe and I just love all the colors. My second choice would be the roxbury in perle, I saw this at LV on Sunday and it is really pretty and love that it can be hand held or a shoulder bag. Good luck, I know how you feel, my husband is releasing me from my purse ban while we are on our trip to Las Vegas and I am so confused!
  8. i've always loved the aundra. :love:
  9. Another vote for the Jasmin! ~ and have a fabulous trip to Paris!!
  10. my vote is for the audra or jasmin.
  11. The Audra in WHITE MC! Have a great trip~!
  12. My top choice would be the Bedford in Perle... and a close second would be the Jasmin. The Bedford is stunning but difficult to get things in and out of. Plus the perle seems delicate. The Jasmin is gorgeous in the Ivorie and would be the most functional.
  13. Audra would be my choice.
  14. i voted for the roxbury!!
  15. THe jasmin is the best choice IMO, it goes with any occasion.