Which bag out of these should I buy?? please help me pick!!

  1. Hi everyone!
    :yahoo: I recently have this "crave" to buy a new bag..
    and I already have quite a bit Louis Vuitton bags so I wanted to try some other brands..I have looked around and researched for a bit..I figured that I wanted a bigger bag since all my bags are pretty small (hobo, pochettes, etc).

    Please help me pick between these ones: or if you have any other suggestions..most welcome!!

    1. marc jacobs venetia
    2. YSL medium muse
    3. miu miu coffer
    4. any prada bag that is not a tote or hobo
    5. fendi spy (only thing with this is that it is kinda small..and I kind of want a "bigger" looking bag so I can dump everything in!)

    votes everyone? and other suggestions?:confused1:
    thanks!! :heart: :p
  2. I'd love to help, but I need pictures!
  3. Yes...pictures would help alot =)
  4. Wow...I have never thought of the spy as being small...I would think it's considered a big bag?

    You have some great options there...I think we definitely need pics...and specific colour choices too! :yes:
  5. I vote for MIU MIU COFFER... for sure!!!! and veto the Fendi Spy. :nuts: JMO! :yes:
  6. I love the YSL muse...I have been eyeing that one...its so lovely :love:
  7. I'd say the Fendi Spy.. mine can fit a loooooootttt of stuff in it!
  8. oh my..u're right! I posted this before I have actually seen the actual bags..so today, I decided to take a tour in holt renfrew..and for the first time, I saw those bags listed above.

    and you are absolutely right! the fendi spy is actually a lot bigger than what I have imagined! so it CAN definitely hold a lot of stuff!!

    okay..so after looking at the bags themselves today..
    I came up with a brand new bag idea..the balenciaga city :drool:
    what do you ladies think about that?:graucho:
  9. yeah! I've only seen pictures of this one though..I tried to look for one in the area (Canada) but I just can't seem to find one :sad: :crybaby: but I think if i were to get one..it'd be white for the muse :smile:
  10. Muse or Coffer. Heard some concerns about the Muse stiching though.
  11. what do you guys think of the balenciaga city?? :idea:
  12. Muse. hands down coz i love it
  13. The balenciaga city is classic and retains it value...I vote for that.
  14. Out of the ones you listed i'd go with the Marc Jacobs Venetia. I have a large multipocket and it remains one of my favorite handbags. If not that though, then the Muse. :smile:
  15. Oh and i LOVE the Balenciaga City, i have two and it's my favorite thing EVER.