Which bag or wristlet

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  1. img.davidsbridal.com/db/s08_81123.psd.xml&cmp-color=top,x000&ftr=5&cmp-end=1&wid=330&hei=460&cvt=jpgi AM GOING TO BE A BRIDESMAID AND i NEED A BAG OR WRISTLET TO GO WITH THIS DRESS...HELP ANYONE? PICS PLEASE.....
  2. A satin clutch maybe? If you live by a Dillards, they probably have some on sale.

    Or maybe the Amanda satin wristlet

    Or something metallic to sort of 'match' your dress? (these are all on the coach website now)
  3. ^^I think any of those choices would be excellent.

    I also like this Madison Op Art Capacity as a choice:


    BTW, love the bridesmaid dress!! It's beautiful!
  4. I think the new silver wristlet would look great with it. It has a darker cream color with shimmer throughout it :smile:
  5. I think the above suggestions are excellent! Love the dress style too.
  6. THANKS I love the ideas...the bride picked the color and let us pick whatever style we wanted!
  7. I can't see the pic of the dress:sad:

    But I do have to say that I have used a Coach wristlet as a bridesmaid twice, and as a bride, well, once:P, and they work great for all of those little touch up goodies you might need, and are easy to hide under a table when you want to go out and boogie on the dance floor:wlae: