WHICH BAG........one of two?

  1. So..I have the urge to buy yet another chanel.I have the 2 expandables..In black and PINK(LOVES!)...................
    Should I bite the bullet and buy the camel one too?

    do i get a jumbo flap..with the new chain( I adore the new chain..btw..)

    My feelings.......
    A)WHY should I have 3 of the same bags?LOL...HAHA
    B)Is the jumbo flap too plainjane for Jill..I dont own any flaps.....yet I think i could use it..The new chain makes it funky enough for me..DOESNT IT?
    Or is it too traditional for JILL??
    Any and all advice appreciated!!!!
  2. jumbo flap! You already have the 2 expandables...funk it up w/ the new chain!!!! :graucho:
  3. I vote for the Jumbo Flap, especially since you don't own any flaps and with the new chain the bag is going to look fabulous.
  4. The Jumbo Flap.....of course...:p
  5. jumbo gets my vote!hehe....
    u already have 2 gorgeous expandable Jill!!!!!
  6. definitely jumbo flap! twin expandables in two colors is fun, in three it could start to be a bit excessive! jumbo would throw a nice little spice into the mix!
  7. wahhhh as soon as I wrote that I started thinking "well, what if the expandables are only ltd. edition?"

    :shrugs: :girlsigh: :shrugs: :girlsigh:
  8. Definitely get the Jumbo!! The new chain is hot, comfortable to carry, and the red is smokin... plus, you don't have any red Chanels (I think haha), OR any flaps... so go for it!! :smile:
  9. I love the jumbo flap!
  10. neither! LOL!
    Don't get the Expand in a 3rd color and yes, the Classic Flap is too conservative for you:biggrin:
    What about a Luxury Flap or the Rock & Chain Flap?
  11. You need a jumbo flap Jill!!!
  12. i would have to say to say the jumbo flap
  13. Girl, you've got everything but a Jumbo Flap...get it!
  14. jumbo flap!
  15. Jumbo flap. If you want even less conservative in this bag, get the red.