Which bag? Nikki or ...

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  1. Hi hi my 1st post here in this forum.

    Went to boutique today and tried these bags... now Which one is nice? The SA was very friendly and told me to take time to think over it..appreciate some good BAG comments♡
    20180606_131342.jpg 20180606_130507.jpg 20180606_130645.jpg
  2. Without looking at the bags, I was going to pick the Nikki. But on you, the Lou Lou really popped! I imagine the Lou lou will show wear and tear more obviously..that is a thought if you want an everyday bag.. but both bags are gorgeous! Have fun choosing; I wanna be in your shoes.
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  3. Depending on your dressing... you look good with lou lou with that outfit. Nikki is nice also but maybe not in this outfit.
  4. Thanks for suggestion. :smile:

    That isn't me, is my SA who was modeling for me hahah.
    Actually my heart is leaning towards the loulou but at same time I have been eyeing the LV speedy B for a while...
  5. I would definitely have trouble deciding too as they are both gorgeous! I love the look of the Lou Lou very classic but modern with the puffy chevron look. Very classy.

    The Niki Bag is really stylish, cool and very celebrity style. I love the distressed leather look. Easy to use and maintain.

    If you’re the type of person that is worried about scratches, live in a rainy area or are a bit clumsy with your bags then I’d recommend the Niki over the Lou Lou.
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  6. I have two Niki Bags. I love them.
  7. My vote is for the Niki! I have this bag and prefer it over the Lou Lou. When I tried the Lou Lou in person I found it to be too square in shape for my liking. It’s a pretty bag but the Niki is a showstopper! Good luck deciding :flowers:
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  8. I like both bags and tried them on yesterday in store. I found the Lou Lou looks more formal and leather being puffy the medium size looks better on shoulder than crossbody whereas the small size is better for crossbody but too small for shoulder bag. I prefer Niki medium cos this size looks great for both crossbody and shoulder. I also like the Ysl logo on the front is black rather than silver which is more subtle and the leather is aged calfskin very trendy and no need to worry about scratches. Anyway Niki in black are all sold out in selfridges and the sales assistant put me on waiting list.
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