which bag.... need advises....


which bag?

  1. monogram multicolore - audra

  2. monogram vernis - roxbury drive

  3. monogram vernis - bedford

  4. epi leather - jasmin

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  1. greetings to everyone....

    i have been thinking so hard for the past few weeks... looking for a bag that is easy going - casual & formal. my husband wanted to buy a bag for me as we are gg to paris this august :blush: he likes the perle roxbury drive... however, these r a few on my mind...

    monogram multicolore - audra (white or black)
    monogram vernis - roxbury drive (perle)
    monogram vernis - bedford (perle)
    epi leather - jasmin (ivory)

    so... which bag?

    many thanks......... :flowers:
  2. woo first vote :smile: i love the Vernis line. Id go with the Bedford because its beautiful and fulfills the casual/formal requirement! Hope this helps hun :smile:

    and welcome to tPF!
  3. OK honestly, my favorite out of these bags is the White MC Audra. Love it, love it, love it. But it is more casual than formal. If you want a bag to be both formal and casual, I think the Perle Bedford would do the job. I think the Bedford is a shape that is casual if you wear it with jeans, but the vernis and the perle color are also great for more formal attire. The Roxbury to me is great for a more formal bag, but may get annoying as an every day bag, as it can only be carried by hand. If I had to vote for a second place winner, it would be the Epi Jasmin. Definitely a versatile and great-looking bag!
    (sorry for the long post and Good luck!!)
  4. I voted for the Jasmin!
  5. I voted for the Audra (in black). I am loving that bag, although, I won't be getting one for a long time. I love the shape, the handles, everything about her.
  6. I also love the Audra, espicallly in white. This bag is both cute and elegant, I think it is just perfect!
  7. thank u :cutesy:
    makes decision easier with all yr opinions!
  8. I like the Roxbury- the shoulder strap gives it some versatility. The Audra is lovely as well, but the size and structure seems limiting.
  9. AUdra is the next bag I am getting and then the Roxbury. I think either of the two would be perfect for what you're looking for.

  10. audra!!! though i can't decide which color is better.
  11. 1. MC audra!

    2. Vernis bedford (I love this, just that it's too hard and structured)

    3. Vernis Roxbury (still too structured...)

    4. Epi Jasmin (just don't like the overall style that much)
  12. i'd go for either the jasmin or roxbury
  13. I love the audra in white!
  14. I vote audra!!!
  15. thanks again.....

    perhaps i will go for audra..... still thinking abt the colour.... black white black white....... :girlsigh: both colours r nice. i hv 3 months to decide...... black white black white....... haha:p

    i'll save the rest of the options for later...... :rolleyes: