Which bag? MJ Petrol Baby Stam or LV Popincourt?

  1. Decisions which I can't make yet again :sad2:

    Should I go with this MJ Petrol Baby Stam OR

    LV Popincourt?

    Both would be the same price....which one has more lasting power??? Something about this Stam calls to me. I can't afford the large stam plus I think it'd be way too big for me, so this size might be best.

  2. I like teh stam, although that's not my 1st choice in color especially if you really do want some "staying power". If you want something w/ staying power I'd have to suggest a more basic color or the LV.
  3. Amanda I have a few neutralish bags so maybe I'm drawn to the stam because of the color??? I don't have anything with color in it yet...I'm not sure the Baby Stam holds much either but I have mainly larger bags. Maybe a smaller one would be a nice change?
  4. I say the baby Stam--assuming you're getting the geniune, real-deal. I think it's a classic shape that you can carry years from now. The Popincourt is cute--but it's EVERYWHERE, so I'm kinda turned off by it...
  5. The Stam! LVs are getting so common they're getting on my nerves.
  6. The Stam!!!!!! That blue is absolutely gorgeous! If the size is good for you, that is DEFINITELY my pick! And I think it has staying power. Even though it's not a true "neutral" color, I don't think it will ever be "out." Stunning! Want to see pics pics pics when you get it, too!
  7. baby stam!!!!!!!
  8. Then by all means!:biggrin: LOL!
    Sounds like the Stam is right for you;)
  9. Swanky we'll see! I figure I can get an LV anytime but may never be able to find a baby stam in this petrol color again :sad: So I'm going with the advice here and most likely taking the plunge!
  10. Can't argue w/ that! Keep us posted and make sure we get to see soem pics! :smile:
  11. I like the Stam!
  12. i think the baby stam is so cute!!! i'm gonna vote for the baby stam!
  13. I like the stam.
  14. I love totes and structured bags, but this one's no comparison to the Stam. Stam is incredibly gorgeous and stylish, i think it has lasting power. Not sure if the baby versions are the ones I saw in person (700-800), they are too small & the appeals are no longer the same. My choice is based on the regular sized Stam.
  15. i say the stam too! the color is gorgeous and if you already have alot of neutral then the stam would really add color to your collection! i guess it depends if you pick neutrals because thats what you love/use more then maybe you should get the LV