Which bag: Marc Jacobs Multipocket or Gerard Darel?

  1. Here's the Darel I want:


    And here's the multipocket (it's the small size):

    What do you guys think?
  2. I like the Darel.
  3. Hey, thanks for responding so quickly!

    Do you think the Darel with the chain is nicer, or is the plain leather strap better?
  4. I actually like the darel better as well and I'm a huge Marc Jacobs fan!!

    I have the plain strap which I love but I like the look of the chain even better!
  5. I started out liking the MJ more, but over the past few days, I've grown more fond of the Darel! The chain strap especially seems nice so I can carry it over my shoulder, which is sooo much more convenient.

    I'm just really worried about the leather, though. I've heard that the recent bags have leather that isn't as nice. Do you think there's been a huge difference, and should it bother me?
  6. I'd go for the Marc Jacobs.
  7. In this case the Darel, these bags are really beautiful in person plus the MP is kinda heavy.
  8. Wow these two bags are so different from each other. I personally didn't like the Darel bags that much when I tried them on in Paris. They looked better online than on me. So my vote for the MP
  9. i never see the darel bag IRL, but from the pic, the leather is scrumplyditious...
    so, i would say darel
  10. i just got that exact Darel in paris!! the leather is unbelievably soft and squoshy...
    IMO, the two bags are quite different. The MJ is more structured and heavy while the darel is soft and extremely lightweight. plus it fits heaps. it depends on how you generally use your bag. i throw everything in my bag so the darel suits me better.
  11. I like the Darel better.
  12. The Gerard Darel ! The leather is really soft! The more you use it the softer it gets. If you like soft leather...............
  13. I like the multipocket.
  14. Gerard Darel!
  15. Well, since I have the GD bag that you posted, I have to say the Gerard Darel! It is so different, very comfortable to put over your shoulder and a new look in comparison to the MJ Multi-Pocket, which I think is done with! This bag is very roomy, the only downside is b/c the leather is SOO soft, the bag is rather flimsy when you open it or flop it down, but that is part of the design.