Which bag makes your "heart sing"?

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  1. Just for fun, which bag (either a bag your own or just in general) makes you the happiest? Please post pics!
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  2. Classic beige claire m/l flap!

    i have 2 m/l flaps (a black and a burgundy) and too scared to get the beige (color transfer concern) even though I do have a beige boy (which makes me think 1 beige bag is enough) but something about the beige claire/gold hardware combo in the m/l makes my heart skip a beat every time..
    I’m a big fan of that specific beige shade in general :love:
  3. A navy lambskin m/l with gold hardware. It just does.
  4. Reissue with crumpled calfskin. Mine (pre-loved) has caviar, which I love, but something about that calfskin....also, smaller size reissue in red always catches my eye.

    I have 3 bags and one WOC, and they ALL make my heart sing. :smile:
  5. My small chevron gabrielle bag in grey
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  6. Iridescent pink classic medium
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  7. Black caviar SHW camera bag my hubby surprised me with while he was away on business in Germany. Also, my first Chanel; it's a seasonal, but use it as my throw around bag and absolutely LOVE it.
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  8. #8 Mar 30, 2020
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    I had the soblack Reissue with the crumpled calfskin and I loved it. I sold it and miss it now, but I let it go because I made the mistake (for me) of buying it in the large 226 size rather than the medium 225 size. The leather was thick and incredibly hardwearing (after a few years of regular use it still looked brand new) but the price for that was how heavy it would get when filled + bare metal chains on my shoulder. I wish I had bought it in the 225 size, and now I don't know if it will ever come back...

    The other bag that makes my heart sing and I never owned, is the grey chevron reissue that came with aged gold hardware.
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  9. C0F36665-D820-4639-B844-DC46B130D9EF.jpeg Definitely my mini chevron patent crumpled calfskin. So pretty in person and I love the metallic in the leather. My most used bag.
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  10. I have that bag too and love it. So easy to use.
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  11. Lovely ❤️
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  12. My Caviar Jumbo with Silver Hardware. The engagement ring was in the bag ❤️

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  13. My small classic flap in iridescent blue that I bought at 31 Rue Cambon exactly one year ago today.

  14. 19S iridescent pink caviar... on pretty much anything. Still kicking my past self for not getting anything from that collection, sigh.
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  15. My black caviar jumbo flap with gold hardware is definitely the bag that makes me the happiest. I’ve had it for 5 years and I still grin from ear to ear when I look at it.

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