Which bag looks best in Whiskey and other dillemas

  1. So, Now that I have a black leather Ali, I have been fixated on getting something in Whiskey. Here is the problem though. Although I love Ali, I don't really want another one. The shoulder bag is too small for me (just doesn't look right on me) Mandy seemed too awkward to me, the strap length not long enough and kind of rollish. IDK, should I wait until next fall to see if something else comes out out ? What I really would like is somthing like the pocket shoulder tote but with turnlocks so basically like a GIGI but with long strap and a little shorter with either a zip closure. My other option is another bag I am completely obsessed with (not coach) the MArc Jacobs large multipocket hobo in Whisky. That bag is TDF. I think it has nikel pushlocks on the whiskey leather but the leather is different (beautiful but different) Any opinions would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  2. What about a slim flap? It's similar but not the exact same. I am hoping to be able to get a slim flap in black leather if I ever see one in the outlets again.
  3. Oh good idea ! I do like the hippie and can use it crossbody which is what I need ! I was thinking maybe a satchel too. I just didn't want something that looks like Ali, just wanted something different and i love the double turnlock pockets.
  4. I hear what you are saying. I like the hippie also and that's another one that's on the shortlist (a large bleeker flap in black or maybe british tan being the last) of outlet bags I'd love to get. But I doubt they'll be anymore Legacy showing up at the outlets :crybaby:
  5. What about Leigh is Whiskey? She has the double turnlock pockets. Or the new version of Ali--the Shoulder Flap?
  6. you never know ! I would still put those things on my waiting list. People return stuff all of the time you never know what will turn up. I am still on the fence about the khaki sig and still want something in this but maybe a less expensive item because I am concerned that I will tire of it and it will get dirty. I still want somthing in khaki with black trim. I think the 07 legacy satchels look great in this combo. I can't buy anything right now anyway, only obsess !