Which bag? Kristin Hobo or Convertible Hobo?

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  1. Hi Everyone,
    I can't decide between the
    (1) Kristin Op Art Hobo in black
    (2) Madison Dotted Convertible Op Art in Black

    I like the fabric bags more than leather. I like dark colors because I tend to be a total klutz and can get stains, etc. easily.
    So--the bag will be black and it will be Op Art.

    But...Kristin or Madison dotted?
    Honestly, the dots always seemed a little bit "disco bag" to me, but I love the shape, and the dots have grown on me. But I worry the dots also look a little too young.
    I like the Kristin, and love the shoulder strap, and the little outside pocket, but I miss the carriage and driver.
    Anyway, opinions please?
    Thanks in advance!!! ;)
  2. I vote for the Kristin but I may be biased. It's the exact same one that my hubby and son picked out for me for Christmas (ok, ok, maybe I heavily influenced their decision :nuts:) I also love the strap and I can see myself using this bag for years to come. I used to only buy leather but I love the Kristin in black op art and I think she will be easy to carry and care for. I can't wait to use mine!! Good luck and let us know what you decide!!
  3. Between the two, I'm gonna vote for the black Kristin Op Art hobo :biggrin: I prefer the black on black fabric over the dotted Op Art. I think the Kristin line is classy inside out and not to mention the Kristin hobo is great for both formal and casual looks.
  4. Another vote for the Kristin. The Kristin hobo is one of my favourites.
  5. i vote for kristin too!
  6. Hobo...I got one and just love it...:cloud9:
  7. hobo, I have one in sig, and two in leather and then a kristin tote too.
  8. The Kristin hobo is the most comfy bag ever! I have two!

  9. ^^ Totally agree and I also have 2!
  10. Another vote for Kristin! I have 2 large leather Kristin hobos and they are probably my favorite bags of all that I have!
  11. Thanks to everyone for your input.
    I decided to get the Kristin and I used my PCE.
    I carried it today and I love it! :yahoo:
    It was definitely the right choice for me.
    Thanks agin!!
  12. Woohoo. Congratulations. I'm glad you LOVE the Kristin Hobo. I'd love to see some pictures of you wearing your new purse :smile: