Which bag is worth keeping??


Cotton Club OR Bubble Quilt............

  1. Keep the Silver Cotton Club bowler.....

  2. Get the Bubble Quilt & get rid of the CC

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  1. If you are in my situation...what are you going to do? :girlsigh:

    I own a Silver cotton club bowler....but I have been wanting something from the bubble quilt line. I can't keep both. What should I do? :sweatdrop: I have attached 3 pictures of the silver cotton club; it's made of calfskin & the leather is very durable. However, the leather is distressed...so the bag looks used :confused1: & not fresh looking (if you know what I mean) .....ppl who have the cotton club bag...do you think so too? The color is very also subtle & the CC logo is not obvious at all.

    I like the puffy look of bubble quilt, but my cotton club looks quite puffy too (don't you think?) I have no idea what bubble quilt bag is made out of. The leather looks so smooth though. Do you think the leather is durable though?

    Should I keep the cotton club or get the bubble quilt? (I like the look of the bubble quilt bowler.....can be too bulky & big though. I also like the look of the small flap (the one that looks like the classic medium flap) & the one with a big bubbly flap in the front. I love the off-white color.

    Which shape is more versatile? The rectangular shape of the cotton club bowler or the Bubble quilt flaps or bowler?

    Do you think the off-white color in the bubble quilt is similar in color as the cotton club?

    I hope someone can give me some advices as I have never see the bubble quilt in real life. Thank you very much!
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
  2. bubble quilt! Its nice and smooshy.
  3. Bubble quilt is soft and squishy, not as structured. BQ is also not bulky once the paper stuffing is removed, it fits perfectly under the arm. I had problems with one of the chains on the CC bowler falling off my shoulder constantly so I returned it. IMO, I think the BQ is prettier. Good luck w/ your decision.
  4. Happy, I love the Cotton Club. I think the one you have is really "classy". I think the bubble has a tendency to sway towards being a really casual bag, whilst the CC is more versatile. Also, I like the fact the Chanel logo is subtle. It's obvious enough for the lay public to recognise it is Chanel, but doesn't scream at you which I think is a good thing.

    Good luck with the decision!!
  5. This decision is way too hard. I love the look of both lignes. Perhaps you can get your hands on the bubble quilt and compare the two bags in person to see which you like better. Sorry I'm no help!
  6. I'd get the BQ and let the CC go.
  7. ^I agree, get the bubble quilt. :yes:
  8. Ditto..

    Get the bubble quilt.. are you thinking of the off white/ivory/peach one? It's beautiful, IMO..
  9. The cotton club is cute but I prefer the BQ, but I am biased since I own the dark beige BQ bowler. It is not bulky once you take out the paper stuffing. The off white BQ is quite different from the cotton club white. As I recall it is a darker creamier white with shading of a deeper off white or almost beige. The BQ is a glazed lambskin so not as tough as the cotton club, but it is not overly fragile. The BQ bowler may be hard to find.
  10. I like the BQ better....but I don't have either of these styles in my collection....so...????
  11. I like the bubble quilted...all colours look great.
  12. I like the look of both lignes... but if you can only have one... then the BQ.
  13. I'm going to be the minority here and say that i prefer the silver CC bowler. The BQ is absolutely adorable but i also feel that it may be a bit of a trendy piece? This one looks more classic and timeless. So my vote is to keep this!
  14. i would get the BQ....
  15. I like the BQ better!