Which bag is this?

  1. I know this bag, (a gift from my aunt on my 18th), is from the pebbled leather collection, but I don't know what it's called, can someone help? Damn, I wish I knew how to watermark on a Mac!


  2. I'm not sure. I saw that bag at the outlets last week though.
  3. what's the style number?
  4. Its defintiely from the chelsea collection...but its hard to tell more based on that pic...do you have more..including one with you wearing it?
  5. ^^^No, but I'll put one up of me wearing it tonight! :yes: Btw, that's not the bag she gave to me on my 18th, that was another, this one she gave on my 21st.
  6. Okay, here's me. I corraled my little sister to take a pic.

  7. I think that's a Chelsea hobo which, by the way, looks great on you! I think that's part of the Chelsea line that's made for outlets (they don't have the turnlock closure on the top). I have a small tote version from a couple years back (my first Coach that my parents got me) in black w/tan handles. Enjoy it! I love the color!

    Off topic, but shellbell, I know you're told this all the time, but I love your collection!
  8. Thanks!
  9. Yes it's a Chelsea. Looks great!
  10. saw it at the outlet today. Chelsea small Hobo.
  11. Yeap. Chelsea small hobo (demi???). I have it in black - it's the turnlock version. Too cute!!!!
  12. Tag said hobo. I specifically looked because I knew this thread was here.
  13. I'm just not sure which mine is called.. demi or hobo? Not sure but except for the turnlock it is the same as op's...