Which bag is this?

  1. I don't know but I'm almost certain it's a counterfeit.
    I'll move this to Chanel as it's not a 'shopping' question per se.
  2. by the way, I would REQUIRE them to send you interior photos and all applicable documents as well before bidding.
  3. Well it looks like a fake to me so I probably wouldn't bid on it. But it's a really nice bag so I was just wondering about it's details. Thanks for the tip, lol =)
  4. I would say fake. It looks like a combination of two Chanel style bags.
  5. hopefully I didn't offend you, most new people signing up here have no idea what's fake and what isn't.
    I wasn't trying to insult your intelligence, just trying to help you ;)
    I've never seen this one IRL, sorry I'm no help.
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