Which Bag Is This?

  1. [​IMG]

    This backpack is nice with the black detailing, is this new from LV?
    I've searched everywhere with no luck... I'm loving those wapitys also:love:
  2. either its a special order or its fake! ive never ever seen it but u never know i could be wrong! i think its fake cos lv has never used a black leather trim
  3. I initially thought it was a Fake:suspiciou , but then I also thought its Kanye West the self proclaimed Louis Vuitton Don and maybe this was specially made for him. I really like the way it looks monogram w/ black trim..
  4. yeah it gives it a more hard core look, i dont love this bag and i still think its fake untill proven authentic! ;)
  5. this is an actual item but is discontiuned. i think it retailed for $3,499... correct me if im wrong!
  6. ^ wow guess i was wrong personally i dont like it anyway, too many bells and whistles, but then again that works in the case of the prefro
  7. The black straps don't really match the monogram canvas..but that's just my opinion :|
  8. Just more proof that money does not buy taste. :cry:
  9. Do you guys see the wapity x 2????

    But yeah, I've seen the backpack before, it was a runway style. Super expensive too!
  10. Wow. All I can say looking at that thing is...wow. :blink:
  11. only Kanye...:oh:
  12. Haha, slightly off-topic, but that backpack reminds me of this character from a norwegian puppet-movie. I found a picture, but it was the best I could do when it comes to the view of the backpack. quite cute. I have that cuddly toy, so I can probably take a better picture when I get home tough. toy_ludvig.en.jpg
  13. Here, I took a quick picture w/ my phone:


    I don't know the english name cause it's in Japanese =(
  14. Yes, this bag is called Christopher Backpack. It came out the same time with that briefcase. They are both $3300 and $3500 respectively. Limited production and discontinued.

  15. It's Kinda Hot!