Which bag is this?

  1. I know I saw this bag several years ago in the ad and wondered what kind it was. A friend of mine told me it was very limited and had a price tag of around 10 thousand dollars. So...what bag is it, is that how much it really cost, and if someone out there is selling it how could I find it? Thanks!

  2. i think it was something vienna.... but i am not 100% sure. someone will come around and giveyou more info!
  3. So... anybody else know??
  4. Sac Fermoir GM Vienna
  5. Thanks so much! I take it theres like no shot in :devil: I could find one eh?
  6. Yeah, I saw that hefty price tag. From what I've been told it sold for about 10 thousand to begin with. But somehow, I'm thinking I'd rather upgrade to a bigger diamond in my wedding ring than spend that on a bag. Oh, and yeah, my husband would KILL me, lol.

    I'm thinking that bag is scratched off my list, lol....well... unless I sell a kidney, j/k!
  7. ^^^ But it's SUCH a hot bag!!! :drool: