Which bag is this? (michelle williams)

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  1. TIA!

  2. Not sure about the bag.. but isn't that a volvo ? :amazed:
  3. In another thread someone said they thought this was Bulga - large studded hobo - but the tassels look different to me....? Her tassels are more on the sides not in front.

  4. I thought it was the Bulga tote at the very first glance as well but it's not. Hers has double straps and the whole shape is just off. I don't know what it is!
  5. It looks like Bulga at first glance.
  6. I love the Volvo SUV!

    I do hate their new ads, though.
  7. Any other thoughts? Come on ladies - I know you can pinpoint this one! :smile:
  8. i don't know about the bag but that's definately a volvo!! it's the headlights. :smile:

    i miss my volvo. :\
  9. Enough with the "volvo" already!:P This is a bag forum - not a gearhead forum!!!

  10. Could it be Marc Jacobs? I remember seeing it somewhere but I don't remember where...Sorry not much help:sad:
  11. ^^I don't know MJ bags enough to guess. Maybe someone else knows?:amuse:
  12. Judging from the size and length of the tassels it could be a Hayden-Harnett. I tried to check their website earlier, but it seemed to be gone or down or something.
  13. Looks like this thread may turn into the Jessica Simpson thread from a few weeks ago.
  14. ^^I didn't see it - what was that about?
  15. I honestly think it's the Bulga but it could be the tassles are tied so it APPEARS that the tassles are on the sides when in actuality, it's just tied and perhaps in motion. Maybe the photographer snapped the shot while she was adjusting it and it made it look like side tassles??? Shot in the dark here.