Which bag is this? (it's a flap, but what is the exact size of this bag?)

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  1. hi, here is a picture:

    it is lambskin, right?
    and what size is it?
    i dont think it's the medium classic- b/c from what ive seen, the medium flap is more squarish.

    and can someone tell me the price of this bag?
    i'd like to know the exact size or what it is called~

    i just ordered the eastwest.. but i saw this bag and i really like it too..

    thanks in advance :heart: :nuts:
  2. That looks like medium to me...
  3. It looks like the e/w as it's longer in the east/west direction than in the north/south one.
  4. looks like a lamb E/W to me.
  5. Looks like medium or small classic flap in black lambskin to me, cause it comes with double chain.. well CMIIW.
  6. It looks like the small classic flap to me due to the double chain
  7. ahhh.
    i looked at the medium classic flaps and its more square-ish??
    ahh. anyone else?

    and prices, anyone?

    (btw, thanks to those who replied)
  8. looks like small lambskin flap to me.. probably the older model. ???
  9. This is the medium, it's not that squarish
  10. ^ Ohhh yours is beautiful too :heart:.

    OMG. How come the other pictures look so square-ish & bigger?
    Can you tell me how much that bag is?
  11. or is it the 2.55 that is square-ish? maybe i am getting those two confused..
  12. Thanks :smile: The medium in caviar leather is $1995. The small in caviar leather is $1795.
  13. ^ thanks for posting the picture. it was so helpful!!! =)

    ayyyy. i think i will stick with the east west.
    but the medium really is beautiful!
    i dont see a huge difference in the size~ i guess the east west is horizontally longer.

    thanks for the price info too.
    you are so nice =)
  14. I just got both (in caviar) and the medium is a lot more functional, IMO...fits more, and versatile with the double chain. The EW is adorable, sweet, a great little size, but not really an everyday bag...
  15. Looks like E/W to me too. You are right, regular classic flaps are more squarish. I know people can adjust the E/W chain to make them double chain.