which bag is the bag for you right now?

  1. i just bought the medium carly in beet and it is THE BAG for me right now. It's so convenient, very comfortable on the shoulder since i have two little one. I love carly. I"m thinking about getting a leather one some day. Just curious which one is the bag you're carrying right now? :tup::heart:
  2. I have the large khaki/chocolate carly rite now that I am carryin.. I am about to put all my stuff in my large brown carly tho
  3. My large black leather carly. It holds everything!
  4. Right now it's an 06 Legacy black satchel but it's time to change!
  5. My peony tote. I took it out before spring time, but now I can not put it away. I just love it.
  6. Right now I am carrying a black leather Ali but for the right every day bag because I have two babies but my youngest is turning one so I want to transition to a bigger bag that can double as a diaper bag but not so diaper bag ish. Coach has not made my perfect bag yet for this purpose. Well they almost did but they don't anymore. I need a mandy type bag but longer and with a longer strap like a messenger bag. oh and turnlocks , and in whiskey so that would be a great bag for me right now. OR what i just said in choc sig would be nice too and maybe even lighter and wouldnt show stains and have a leather bottom.
  7. My studded gallery tote!

    So comfy! Roomy! and Beautiful!!
  8. Right now I'm lovin' my Large Choco Siggie Carly:love:
  9. right now I go b/w my chocolate siggy ergo hobo and my tobacco leather belted ergo hobo....my biggest decision of the day is which ERGO to wear!!!! LOL All my other bags are sooooooo jealous, but these win out b/c they are super comfy and just adorable to look at!!!!
  10. I take my black patent ergo hobo to work because it has been proven to survive drowning in water...what could beat that?
  11. The right bag for me right now is my Canary Bleeker Duffle. I just started carrying her today and she is great!
  12. I'm using my heritage stripe demi in pink. But if i need a big bag i use my carly and if i'm with my mom i use my ergo.
  13. I am loving my black mandy and my whisky ali! I just can choose between them!
  14. My Large Khaki/Ebony Carly baby!!! :yahoo:
  15. Khaki/Coal Large Bleecker Flap has been my go-to bag for a while. I am thining about changing to my rust Large Bleecker Flap, though. It is problematic because I have three bags I haven't used yet and I can never decide which one to try first so I keep using the same one!