Which bag is that??

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  1. Hello Everybody
    Since one year i surch the name of this bag. I dont know from which designer is that but I hope that you can help me.
    please help me I dont know what I can do.. I want this bag:heart:

    53031386.jpg 53031448.jpg 56030012.jpg
  2. Looks like the Celine boogie bag, I think. :smile:
  3. ^^ Agreed. That's definitely a Celine Boogie bag.
  4. Oh thank you so much :biggrin:
    Do you know how much it cost?
    And maybe where I can buy it cheap?
  5. I hope somebody can tell me the name of this bag.
    its from tod, i think, but i m not sure and i dont know the name of that bag.
    here are some pics
    101232_nieuwe392.jpg 171650_nieuwe410.jpg 172027_nieuwe413.jpg
  6. Thats a Celine Boogie too.
  7. And where I can buy the boogie bags??:confused1: