Which bag is out of your budget?

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  1. Well...the headline says it all. Mine have to be anything Crocodile. I can afford Nancy Gonzalez's Croc bags but I just don't like the bag designs, and well..I am a bit of a snob to buy lesser known names (in other words, credibility).

    What is/are yours? :nuts:

    I am still mouring on the fact that someone else got the last Croc irina gucci bag while it was on sale! :rant: just by a day! :cursing:
  2. Shopper Monogram Etoile! It's a gorgeous bag, and I would LVoe to get my hands on her, but at $3,000+ it's out of my handbag spending limit. :crybaby: Im hoping to come across a used one in very good condition within my budget, so fingers crossed! Another LV dream of mine would be a Mon Monogram Pegase with the three stripes in pink and white. :girlsigh: But, again, not in my budget. :sad:
  3. Anything more expensive than a Speedy :smile: Than again -- I'm not exactly a grown-up :graucho:
  4. Wow that Kalahari GM is out of my price range --give me yours LOL. Really nothing is out of my range but I have other priorities than handbags.
  5. Well.. there are bags that are out of my range, e.g. more than I'm willing to pay for, for certain brands. For instance, I just can't bring myself to get the Melrose Avenue, but I just picked up a Chanel Caviar Jumbo not so long ago. :yes:

    Melrose is where I'm going to draw the line, but I still long for it none the less !
  6. There are no bags out of my price range. However, I have other financial obligations (retirement planning). Plus, I just purchased a car to drive to save the mileage on my Lincoln Mark LTD.
  7. It's funny, years ago I felt LV was out of my budget --and I was turned off by all the fakes-- but I fell in love with LV and realized how much money I had spent on all my Coach bags, wallets, and accessories over 15 years!!!:nuts:

    So, three years ago I happened to fall in love with LV. My neighbor had a few bags and she wanted to sell them to me
    (stupid me turned them down:noggin: )

    Anyway, I'm addicted to LV but I just cheated yesterday.....
    I got my first Chanel. It's a vintage calfskin leather flap bag with the gold hardware and tassel. Sorry LV, I couldn't resist!!! I swear it won't happen again....

    It's not that I feel any particular bag is out of my budget, it's just that one is never enough!!!!! And now after getting the first Chanel.......
  8. The Mahina L in noir...this is how I feel about it :drool::drool::drool::drool:
  9. Alzer 60 and up :sad:
  10. It's not that I cannot afford it. It is just that I cannot justify paying that much money on a bag when I can use the money for something more important. If I have spare money, then I would definitely buy an Hermes Birkin. I know the bag will always be there.
  11. Anything over $1K, which sadly, is a lot of bags. I can afford the bags, but I have a pact with myself that I won't spend over $1K. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the Galliera PM when it first came out but I waited and waited and bought one pre-loved for just under $1K. I guess it's kind of silly because if I add up all my bags, SLG's, and accessories, I could buy bags that are a lot more money.

    All that being said....if ever there is something that I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT, I'll get it.
  12. Pretty much all of the bags! haha.
  13. Well said!!!! That is how I feel!!!
  14. Not really a matter of being able to afford it, but a matter of feeling silly for spending a certain $$ on a bag.
    My Priscilla was my most expensive bag to date; I totally love her and feel that I am getting my $$ worth from her so I don't feel silly.
    I would probably feel silly if I purchased a bag that I wouldn't use on a regular basis.
  15. anything exotic :crybaby: and i would love a red croc hermes one day, but other than that the other super $$$ peices i want are the LV trunks its hard to find one on ebay thats in my budget that will ship to australia:crybaby:. oh well one day