Which bag is nicer/more desirable?

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462814132.550350.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462814142.150019.jpg

    They are all lamb skin. The tremezzo is seasonal and costs $2800. The WOCs cost $2100. I'm leaning towards the tremezzo because I always feel the WOCs are crooked when they are closed. But maybe I'm just too particular. Curious to hear your thoughts.
  2. I personally like the classic style but everyone has different taste and style. You have to go with what you love
  3. I'm a little nervous about lamb in general. But if not everyday bag, I guess it is fine.
  4. I like the WOC style more :smile:
  5. Prefer the WOC style.
  6. I like the woc
  7. Do all of you have the WOC lamb? How are the corners holding up?
  8. I love lamb, its not as delicate as people think and I prefer the WOC personally.

    My lamb WoC is about 7 years old and is still like new. I don't baby it.
  9. I like the look of the classic WOC more.
  10. I like the tremezzo, it's something you don't see everyday. It should be more spacious than the WOC too
  11. I like the tremezzo too. It looks more unique and spacious although maybe im biased since i dont love the look of classic woc
  12. The tremezzo comes in 3 sizes and even the smallest is more spacious than the WOC. Maybe I should try the lamb skin because it is not an everyday bag. My others are all caviar. The lamb WOCs are quite beautiful.
  13. I think both are beautiful bags (I owned the tremezzo briefly) but they are so different in terms of size. What do you need?

    I loved the multiple compartments of the tremezzo, but it may be a style that feels dated to you in time?
  14. I like the WOC's better :smile:
  15. Jereni - did you sell your tremezzo? I really need to see in person. And I'm sure if I search forum, I will find answer. But I'm assuming the iPhone 6 Plus fits well in the WOC. I have a black caviar WOC but it is boxed up and I haven't carried it since I got my 6 plus.
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