Which Bag is Mary J. Blige Carrying Here?

  1. Ok - I've been trying to do a search across the forum to find out if anyone has posted this but my searches aren't going through.

    Here is a link to the new Chevrolet commercial that begins with Mary J. walking out to an SUV. She is carrying a gorgeous bag but I don't know what it is. Anybody know?


    Click on the picture of the guy driving the convertable - first ad:

  2. LV Addict - You are a DOLL!! Thank you!!!!
  3. Any time.:flowers:
  4. wow, that is nice!!
  5. yep- Irene's on it! It truly is a gorgeous bag!
  6. Haha I hadn't even checked in here. I just posted the description of the commercial on the LV Celeb's thread awhile ago. :lol:
  7. the bag is really pretty!