which bag is harder to come by?

  1. hello,

    i'm new here. Im from singapore.
    I've a chance to buy the chloe brown or black mini paddy. I was told the mini paddy is hard to come by especially here in singapore
    BUt I also love the rose / lilac twiggy.

    Should I get the mini paddy or twiggy?
  2. I loooovee Balenciaga, so I'm biased. Go with the gorgeous lilac twiggy :smile:
  3. me too, balenciaga, i have about 9 now and still going..........
  4. Twiggy!!!!
  5. I personally would go with the Balenciaga. Not a big fan of the Paddington. I do think that the mini Paddy might be the rarest of the bags that you mentioned though, so if you really love the mini Paddy, I would go with that choice.

    Good luck with your decision. And welcome to the forum.
  6. That is a hard decision.....the Twiggy is such a joy to carry and most of the Chloe paddys seem quite heavy to me.
  7. meibabe, go for the lilac twiggy! i love my twiggys as everyday bags. they are easy to carry and fit so much. i bought a regular paddy last year, ended up returning it... they are so heavy making them so uncomfortable to carry.
  8. I love the Twiggy! This might be my next purchase. :love:
  9. Twiggy!
  10. Go with the twiggy. I have 10 and still going strong!

    If you have more to spare, buy the paddy as well!
  11. I agree...get the rose twiggy.
    I have two paddingtons (one box and regular satchel) I honestly can't stand either of them. They're pretty bags, but really heavy. They are uncomfortable and annoying..having to deal with the lock...opening and closing.. might just be me...
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